Official Release Date and Track Listing for “Synthetic Solitary State”

The new album “Synthetic Solitary State” will be released on 9.11.2012.

  1. 1234 (Golden Mean Remix)
  2. Satanic Mechanic (The Hype Remix)
  3. Back Fat 952 (BCRX Remix)
  4. Appetite for Addiction (Dirty Pinellas Remix)
  5. Time Traveling Ships (The Sticky Remix)
  6. Attack of the Code (Exotic Octave Remix)
  7. City of Robots (Explosive Remix)
  8. McConnells Mills (The ReAnimix)
  9. Age of Insanity, Fear and Rage (Shock Remix)
  10. Urban Sanctuary (Your Private Remix)
  11. Medycyna Alternatywna (Interruptor Remix)
  12. Czarny Otwory (Succulent Remix)
  13. 4321 (Ratio Remix)

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