Beejay’s thoughts on the songs from the DSR album

01. 1point61803399 vs no structure and an open palette
This album intro is basically a flavor of things to expect throughout the recording. Basically forms the idea of leaving the genre open.
02. Launch
This song has been in the works for about 10 years and has gone through a few revisions. This was my first debut for singing an original song which I gotta say was stressful yet fun.
03. Bailout
At the last minute, I came up with this song very randomly by taking a riff I used about 10 years ago and taking it from 6/4 to normal 4/4 timing by extending strumming on a few notes. When putting a few pieces together on guitar for this one, I knew pretty much what I wanted to do on the drums for this one.
04. Nervous Stepper Dancing
I have a tiny Rottweiler dog that I adopted. She was abused and the runt of the litter. She can’t seem to sit still, get comfy or have anyone behind her back. She nervously steps and jumps around the house. This is version 1 of 2 on the album of this song.
05. Smells Like Rotting
To me, this is the most interesting track on the album. I first laid down some drums at random, followed by some synth, bass and then clean and dirty guitars. I had the stench of a dead rat in my attic last summer and thought of the name for a track “Smells Like Rotting”.
06. Recession Depression
This instrumental piece was inspired by some of the soundtrack of the movie Death Proof. The droning riff over and over reminds me of the daily grind of America, grinding down and down into the ground.
07. Born Broke
This was influenced by listening to too much DJ Shadow. The theme of the song is about being born with nothing and trying for something.
08. The Impenetrable Mind
You could call this one the “ballad track” of the album. I pretty much went nuts with layers of guitar with some nice riffs and beats.
09. Particle Smasher
This was inspired by the Large Haldron Collider. I wanted to program some wicked beats and throw down some wretched guitars and give the feeling of a machine breaking itself in ways.
10. Nervous Stepper Hiding
Well, I decided to try another version of this song.
11. HIdden Moon
I am a big fan of relaxing music, no matter the genre. This track is to relax the listener.
12. Listen With One Ear
Based on clean guitar, this song was influenced by the fact that listening to life or music with one ear is eery challenging in many ways.
13. More Fun
I had been using these few punky riffs for an energetic sunny day, happy song. It turned into a slow song with wickedly strummed chords, never really lifting off. This song was influenced by my wife and I just focusing on having more fun in life and getting away from the negative things.
14. Colors
I have always felt that colors can represent almost anything. I chose in this order- Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Black and White, to use as inspiration for separate parts of the song.
15. Zombie Parade
I wish we had time to record real drums on this one. It worked out just fine though. THis song goes back to the days of hanging out at the arcades in the malls in the 1990s. Some people took it took far, never bought anything, caused trouble and ruined it for us all. They are the ones who walk in the Zombie Parade.
16. Orbital Trash Creation
Another song that I wish we had time to record real drums on. This song was inspired by an article I saw once, about the amount of man made junk orbiting the earth. I hope the space is clear in year when I take a trip into space!
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